Sughi Salse  e Passate Siciliane Masseria Raciti
Masseria Raciti

The secret of an old family recipe

"It was the dawning of the 20th century. Like every year, the whole Raciti family gathered underneath the shade of the canopy formed by the vine’s shoots and leaves, at the courtyard of the old farm on the slopes of Mount Etna. The bright red tomatoes just harvested gleamed under the first sunrays, while the fire beneath the cauldron sputtered and spat. Everything was ready for the long-awaited yearly ritual of preparing sauce.
Everyone was ready to play their part. Adults would dice the tomatoes, mash and sieve them through the hand-cranked food mill or fill the bottles. The little ones would proudly fulfil the task they were assigned- to sprinkle scented basil tufts. Nonno Salvatore supervised every single detail. And he would vigorously gripe whenever something fell short of perfection.
You could see people dashing to and fro. A lively spirit filled the air as well as a symphony of scents... The scents. I cannot find the words to describe them.
Since then, and for the years to come, the old traditional recipe has been handed down from parents to children, generation after generation. It is zealously guarded by the members of the Raciti family and has never lost its original authenticity.
Nonno Salvatore and his passion for perfection. Nonna Lucia’s secrets. The love and care of an entire family. All these values have been passed down and reached, unaltered, today’s generation of Masseria Raciti sauce makers.
We are proud of our rich heritage. And yesterday as well as today the flavour of the ready-made cherry tomato sauce by Masseria Raciti is kept intact- that unique taste of a home-made sauce prepared following the old Sicilian ceremony. With the same magical scent of Mediterranean summer.

Tradition and Family. Because we are today the fruit of what we were in the past. And so will we be, remembering that past forever! The Raciti Family

Sughi Salse  e Passate Siciliane Masseria Raciti

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Masseria Raciti is a modern plant that is BIO, IFS and BRC certified.

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