Our Values

Made in Sicily

100% Sicilian food tradition

Tomatoes grown in Italy

Only selected raw materials

Made with Love

Taste as home-made

The values of a farm projected into the future.

Our strength lies in our bond to the land. A land that draws its force and wealth from the mighty volcano towering over it. Ancient farming techniques have been used to till this mineral-rich soil; this horn of plenty is the source of unrivalled flavours that we cherish and protect with determination and unbounded love.
We draw our energy to grow day after day from this mighty and powerful land. That energy also drives us to fulfil our ambitious goal of letting the world know our quality local products, since we are a sound company that implements innovative methods and projects itself into the future.
At present Masseria Raciti is a safe and reliable market reference thanks to a top-quality range of products that perfectly answers the call for genuine authenticity made by ever-growing target sectors. Besides a high level of customers’ acceptance, our quality is ascertained by the following certifications: ISO 9001, IGP, IFS (International Food Standard) e the BRC Global Standard For Food Safety. We will be shortly granted the certification on the organic production of agricultural products.


A 100% Sicilian red jewel
No matter if we speak of Piccadilly, Ciliegino or Datterino varieties,
the bottom line is the same: extraordinary pomodoro
with superb organoleptic characteristics!

The generous Sicilian sun and the beneficial climate influence of the nearby sea ally to bring forth this extraordinary product from the land that features exclusive organoleptic and health properties. One of our best health allies, Masseria Raciti grape tomatoes contain lycopene and carotenes for a good dose of vitamin C. Being rich in mineral salts, they supply the nutrients the body needs to function. They form a strong barrier of protection against the damaging effects of free radicals, and so they become our beauty care allies too. The characteristic bunches of bright and sweet grape tomatoes have become a worldwide star that embodies the beneficial and healthy Mediterranean diet. They are loved by chefs all around the world due to their unique taste as well as their versatility since they are the perfect base for an endless number of recipes.


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Masseria Raciti is a modern plant that is BIO, IFS and BRC certified.


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